Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

 Natdora International Inc. is a full service supply chain management company specializing in end-end logistics and distribution management solutions. We are one of the largest minority owned companies in Southwest of Houston, serving a national and international client base.

    We manage warehouse distribution process consistently as well as design and implement custom solutions in the oil and gas sections.

10 Ways Natdora International Can Help Your Business:

  1. Supply Chain Optimization
  2. Consolidating Distribution Points
  3. Crisis Response
  4. Enlisting New Markets
  5. Managing Mergers and Acquisitions
  6. Managing Business Growth
  7. Outsourcing Cross Dock Logistics
  8. Product Sourcing and Fulfillment
  9. Eliminating Inefficiencies
  10. Fulfilling a Need for a Certified Diverse Partner


In global supply chain, we offer all our clients the opportunity to experience our commitment in providing first class assistance in technology, equipment sourcing, and services from our committed staff of proven professionals in the fields of international procurement, trading, and project development.

       Within supply chain management, our experienced staff is equipped with the knowledge and capabilities to assist our clients to reduce cost and total ownership of their equipment and materials.

       Natdora International Inc. has 50,000 square meters of consolidated stock yards and are able to stock equipment on behalf of our clients along with providing the best specific solutions for our client’s equipment or material management. This allows our client to focus on the core areas of their business; our expertise in supply chain management will help to reduce our clients overall cost.

       Using our supply chain management can make a substantial improvement to our clients’ profits. We are here to provide the solutions to any procurement and project dilemma.


    –    Knowledge of regulating requirements

    –    Quality assumed

    –    Competitive pricing

    –    Extensive equipment, materials, and product range

    –    Extensive network of manufacturers, supplies, and service companies


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