We know that shipping a container can be a confusing process, so this page is dedicated to container shipping information and includes helpful forms. There are three sizes of containers (click on yellow container to the left for measurements). We ship with MSC, Maersk Line, Zim, and ACL. After deciding what size container you need and which line you would like to ship with, please complete the container booking request form and send it to us to schedule your shipment!

When you are ready to make a container booking, please fill out the form to the right and email or fax it to us along with copies (front and back) of any vehicle titles for vehicles you will be loading in the container. In order to make a booking in your name or company name, you must be the owner of the goods, or you must be a licensed Freight Forwarder or Nvocc by the Federal Maritime Commission to ship for others. We will begin the booking process for you and will contact you if we need further information.


  • Apply for and EIN if you do not already have an EIN or Passport Number (please see document library below for instructions on obtaining an EIN).
  • Complete the booking request form and send to us along with the required copies (front & back) of vehicle titles.
  • Once you receive your booking number from us, provide it to your trucker.
  • The trucker will pickup (aka gate out) an empty container from the port or container yard you are booked from and bring it to you to load.
  • Once we see a container has gated out for your booking, we will send you several forms that you will need to complete and return to us within 24 hours to avoid delays.
  • In addition to these forms, when you are shipping vehicles, you will need to have the original titles cleared with US Customs. There is a US customs office located in each port of export and each one requires different documentation to clear your titles. Please see “Links” page for the US Customs website link where you can find the most current requirements. Some truckers will offer title clearing, and in some cases we can also offer this service.
  • After you have loaded your container, your trucker will return it to the port of export (aka gate in).
  • Once the container is gated in, all required documentation is received, and US Customs has cleared your titles (if applicable), your container will be released to sail on the next available vessel.
  • After the container sails, we will send you your final invoice and our house bills of lading.
  • You can track your container anytime via the “Track My Shipment” page.
  • You will then need to make full payment to us (see “Payment Options” page) and we will send a telex release to the destination office upon arrival of your container or the required steamship line original bills of lading to you via FedEx overnight that will allow the consignee to clear the container from the port.


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