Glossary of Terminology

Glossary of Terminology

BAF: Bunker Adjustment Factor

B/L: Bill of Landing

BREAK BULK CARGO: Goods shipped loose in the vessel’s hold and not in a container

CABAF: Currency And Bunker Adjustment Factor

CAF: Currency Adjustment Factor

CCC: Customs Cooperation Council

C&D: Collection And Delivery

C&E: Customs And Excise

C&F: Cost And Freight

CFS: Container Freight Station

CFR: Cost And Freight

CIF: Cost Insurance Freight

CMI: Comite Maritime International

COT: Customer’s Own Transport

CSC: Container Safety Convention

CT: Combined Transport

CWE: Cleared Without Examination

CY: Container Yard

CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN: Document certifying the country of origin of goods which is normally issued or signed by a chamber of commerce or embassy

DAF: Delivery At Frontier

DDP: Deliver Duty Paid

DOT: Department Of Transport

DOC. CREDIT: Documentary Credit

EUC: European Currency Units

EDP: Electronic Data Processing

EFTA: European Free Trade Association

ETA: Estimated Time Of Arrival

ETD: Estimated Time Of Departure

FAK: Freight All Kinds

FCL: Full Container Load

FMC: Federal Maritime Commission

FOB: Free On Board

GROUPAGE: Consolidation of several LCL consignments into a container

GROUPAGE AGENT: One who consolidates LCL consignments to offer to a container as an FCL

H/L: Heavy Lift

ICD: Inland Clearance Dept

IMDG: Int’l Maritime Dangerous Goods Code

L/C: Letter of Credit

LCL: Less Than Container Load

MT: Empty Container

MMO: Multi Modal Operator

MANIFEST: List of goods (or persons) on a vessel

NVOCC: Non Vessel- Owning/ Operating (Common) Carrier

NOTIFY PARTY: Party to whom ANF is sent

O: (Ocean) Port

POD: Port Of Delivery

P TO P: Port to Port/ Pier to Pier Port Service Charge (see THC)

R: Rail

RFS: Received For Shipment

RN: Release Note

RO-RO: Roll On- Roll Off

REEFER: Refrigerated

SCAR: Straight Consignment Automatic Release

SOB: Shipping On Board

STC: Said To Contain straight bill of lading: a term for a non- negotiable bill of lading

STUFFING/ STRIPING: The action of packing/ unpacking a container

THC: Terminal Handling Charge

TARIFF: Terms, Conditions And Scale of Charges

TERMINAL: Port at which containers are loaded/ unloaded onto/ from container vessels

WAYBILL: Acts as a receipt of goods and evidence of the contract of carriage

LINKS: – To file your own AES on-line – Clean Truck Fee – US Customs – Dangerous Goods Advisory Council – Schedule B Search Engine– Marine Chemist Directory – FMC Website

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